hey! i'm jordana bryant and i’m an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from a small town in pennsylvania. i've always loved writing songs and sharing my feelings through music—it’s probably my favorite thing in the world :) whether something exciting happens or i'm going through a tough time, i turn to music to express myself. i’m so grateful for everyone who has listened to my songs and connected with them. your support means everything to me!

since i started sharing my music in 2020, i've been blown away by the response. i’ve had over 35 million streams across all platforms and gotten to build a community of so many amazing people on instagram, tiktok, and youtube. last year, i released my debut ep, and it was incredible to see it reach #10 on the itunes country album charts. i can't wait to share more music with you and keep growing on this journey together! if you want to hear more, check out my social media where i post tons of new stuff! 💗